Revolutionize Your Product Development with Atinav

Atinav Idea Lab provides end-to-end design and development services for businesses seeking to streamline the electronic product development process. Their skilled engineering team specializes in embedded product design and uses a custom process to deliver complex projects quickly. With readily available reference designs and support for hardware and software design, Atinav Idea Lab helps businesses get their products to market faster.


Our Expertise

Atinav Idea Lab’s agile engineering team employs a well-defined,
custom design process to deliver rapid time-to-market solutions for our clients.

Expertise in processors

Our skilled team has expertise in using Microchip, NXP, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm processors, ensuring the latest and greatest technology in your product.

Versatile operating systems

We have experience using various operating systems such as eCos, freeRTOS, and Linux, ensuring your product meets your specific requirements.

Product design portfolio

Our experienced engineering team can design anything from rugged small form factor solutions to high-end consumer electronics products, ensuring your product is tailor-made to your specific needs.

Custom design

Atinav Idea Lab is passionate about delivering custom design solutions when “off-the-shelf” options are not suitable for your specific needs.

Redesign & modernization

Our team can help redesign or modernize obsolete products, ensuring they meet current technological standards and continue to function effectively.

Strong eco-system

Atinav Idea Lab has a strong network of associate companies and partners to carry out every aspect of engineering, ensuring your product is developed quickly and efficiently, even within challenging time frames.